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The Ultimate Tools List for Wellpreneurs

Keep your biz running smoothly with the help of some of my favorite resources.

Launching and growing an online business as a one-woman show can be totally overwhelming. Trust me, I get it. Having the right tools in your arsenal is key to allowing your business to reach its full potential (and maintaining your sanity, let's be honest). That's why I've compiled this list of my go-to resources just for you. Enjoy!
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Website Creation & Management
  • WordPress - Free, open source software for quickly and easily building your custom website. Wordpress is by far the most popular content management system in the world and is my personal go-to for building client websites (for more information on why, read my article:).
  • Envato Market - When building your website, you'll most likely want to start out with a pre-made, customizable theme that you can then fill with your own content. Envato Market has over 45,000 themes and website templates to choose from.
  • Bluehost - Your new website will need a place to live online. That's where hosting comes in. I recommend using Bluehost, particularly if you have a Wordpress website. It's affordable and their 24/7 customer support is top-notch!
  • Google Analytics - The most comprehensive, free tool out there for monitoring your website traffic and gaining key insights into your audience's demographic and behavior.
  • Yoast SEO - A free, easy-to-use Wordpress plugin for optimizing your content for search engines and social sharing.
  • Squarespace - A great - albeit slightly more limited - alternative to Wordpress for creating your website. Squarespace is particularly helpful if you have little to no technical experience, and want to be able to easily design and manage your website yourself.
  • Instapage - A great resource for building beautiful, high-converting landing pages that integrates seamlessly with several popular marketing tools and also offers in-depth analytics on the behavior of web page visitors.
Email Marketing
  • Mailchimp - My top recommendation for beginners on a budget, Mailchimp allows you to easily create and send beautiful customized emails (for free!). It also offers basic analytics and automation capabilities.
  • Convertkit - Great for Wellpreneurs who already have an audience, multiple product offerings and/or a rapidly growing email list. ConvertKit allows for advanced list segmentation and the creation of simple but poweful email automations & sequences.
  • Optin Monster - Create and customize highly-targeted website pop-ups to increase signups for your email list.
  • Graphic Design
  • Canva - A free, user-friendly tool that allows you to make beautiful social media graphics, ebooks, powerpoint presentations and more. Create your own designs from scratch or select one of their thousands of templates - no formal design experience needed!
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - The gold standard in the creative world, Adobe Creative Cloud is the go-to software suite for graphic and web designers, filmmakers, photographers, and illustrators everywhere. While these tools are the best in their class, they do come with a steep learning curve. If you're new to the programs, be prepared to sit through many tutorials.
  • Creative Market - My go-to marketplace for all my creative needs - from fonts to graphics to ebook templates to stock photos and more. Bonus - each week Creative Market offers 6 free creative assets to download, so at the very least go snag yourself some free design swag!
  • Coolors.co - A free, fast color scheme generator to help you solidify your brand's aesthetic.
  • Optimizilla- Nothing slows down a website faster than unoptimized images. Optimizilla is a free tool that compresses images to the minimum possible size while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Free Stock Photos
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash
  • Project Management
  • Trello- A free, simple project management tool that is perfect for solo wellpreneurs trying to stay organized and on top of it all. It's the glue that holds my personal and professional lives together!
  • Asana- A more robust project management tool that is better suited for wellpreneurs managing or working with a team and juggling multiple projects.
  • Evernote- My favorite note taking app for capturing and organizing my thoughts all in one place.
  • Harvest - A time tracking and invoicing app, perfect for wellpreneurs who offer services at an hourly rate.
  • Rescue Time - A wonderful time-management tool, RescueTime tracks your time spent online and provides detailed reports and data based on your activity. It can also block distracting website for a designated period of time and alert you when you've spent a certain amount of time on an activity.
  • Communication
  • Slack - The ultimate tool for team communication. Conversations in Slack happen via instant-messaging in channels that allow for easy file-sharing and searchability.
  • Skype - Besides offering free video calling, Skype is great for wellpreneurs who frequently travel internationally. When you buy a Skype number you can make calls to your home country without the insane international calling fees. Yes, please.
  • Zoom - A platform for hosting webinars and video conferences that makes collaboration easy, no matter the distance.
  • Boomerang - A Chrome extension that allows you to write emails in advance and schedule them to be sent at a later time.
  • When2Meet- Scheduling a meeting shouldn't take 10 emails back and forth but that can often be the case, especially when trying to coordinate amongst more than 2 people. When2Meet is a free tool that makes scheduling easy by allowing everyone to submit their availability in one place and finding the time that works best for all involved.
  • Grammarly - Come across as a true professional with the help of Grammarly, a Chrome extension that checks and corrects your grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Unroll.me - Unroll.me allows you to easily manage all of the subscriptions in your email inbox. Cancel those that no longer interest you with the click of a button and combine those that do into a single daily email. Inbox zero here you come!
  • Social Media Management
  • Hootsuite - A tool for easily scheduling your social media posts in advance and monitoring their performance all in one platform.
  • Tailwind - If Pinterest is a key part of your business strategy then you need this tool. Tailwind makes scheduling pins a breeze, provides powerful analytics that Pinterest itself does not, and allows you to maximize your content visibility by joining Tailwind Tribes.
  • Later - If Instagram is one of your main content hubs, then Later is the tool for you. Later allows you to visually plan your content with a drag & drop interface, schedule photo and video posts in advance, and - my personal favorite feature - attach a unique URL to each instagram post (rather than the traditional one link in your bio).
  • Education & Learning
  • Skillshare - A platform offering thousands of online classes covering topics like design, business, photography, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Team Treehouse - An interactive learning platform for wellpreneurs who want to take a hands-on approach to their business and learn more about web design and development.
  • Beta and Beyond - Regina (Co-Founder of Beta and Beyond, formerly byRegina) has been my go-to resource for learning about online business for years now. From the free resources she regularly shares to her paid courses, you can be sure that anything she puts out is going to be a great value and a tremendous help in growing your biz (the non-schemy way).
  • Asset Management
  • Dropbox - My file hosting service of choice. Dropbox makes it easy to store, organize, and share your files as well as sync them across all your devices.
  • Google Drive - Google docs and Google sheets are key resources that I rely on to run my business. Google drive offers an affordable online space where I can access these documents from anywhere and easily share them with others. A definite must-have!
  • WeTransfer - Many email providers put a limit on the file size that you can send as an attachment. WeTransfer is a free service that solves that problem by allowing you to easily send files up to 2GB.
  • Outsourcing
  • Upwork - A fantastic platform for hiring freelancers across a wide array of disciplines. Whether you're looking for asssistance on a shoestring budget or to hire top-tier professionals in your local area, Upwork has a freelancer for the job.
  • Fiverr - While I recommend Upwork for larger, more high-level projects, Fiverr is an another platform for hiring freelancers that can be useful for getting small tasks completed or if you're working with a tight budget.
  • 99Designs - This platform allows you to crowdsource design. You begin by posting a simple brief describing what you need and then designers from the community submit their ideas.
  • Budgeting & Finance
  • Qapital - Self employment tax is no joke! That's why I rely on Qapital, a free app, to automatically put money back for my taxes each month. I love Qapital because it links to your checking account and then allows you to activate a wide variety of "rules" to save for certain goals.
  • Mint - Mint is an app that gives you a holistic view of your finances. It tracks everything from your income, your spending, your investments, your credit score and more. It also allows you to create a custom budget and keeps you on track with your short and long term financial goals.
  • Freshbooks - Accounting software that helps you manage invoicing, organize expenses, track time, receive payments, and gain insights into the financial health of your biz.
  • Legal
  • Legal Zoom - No lawyer? No problem! Legalzoom allows you to quickly and easily legally establish your business, file for any needed licenses or permits, and protect your intellectual property.
  • Shake - Shake offers access to a variety of customizable legal document templates such as freelance contracts and non-disclosure agreements.
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