This custom pet portrait features Charlie. Charlie is an upright, traditional old soul. He doesn’t understand pups these days. (Hooligans, all of them!) Moreover, he likes his food and chew toys in their proper place. Furthermore, this cap was specifically chosen by his human, who understands his classy temperament.

custom pet portrait - colored pencil dog drawing

This custom pet portrait was based on a photo sent from my customer. Likewise, he specially requested a cap be placed on Charlie’s head. This accessory is in line with his personality and style. Another change from the original photo is that I lightened up the features a bit. Now they are more visible. I kept his dark coloring around the nose and mouth. But I added dramatic highlights to the custom pet portrait.


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  • Sit back and relax while your memories are transformed from photo to portrait!

Every fine art drawing from my studio is inspired by photos sent by my customers. Uniquely, the techniques used in each portrait were also used by the Renaissance masters in Italy. While earning my Master’s Degree in Art History, of course I studied the drafting techniques of many great artists. These skills include measuring proportions and composing compelling compositions. Moreover, I learned to layering textures and shadows. Moreover, I use all the craftsmanship learned from my studies.

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